Francis Bacon essay

I have just completed a long-form essay on Francis Bacon and postmodernism. This has been an obsession of mine for nearly five years. The essay is over 10,000 words so set aside some time to read it. Due to its length I've given it its own page on this site. I'm hoping to turn this essay into a book down the road about the divergent paths of postmodern art in the later 20th century. I first saw Francis Bacon paintings in 1989 while living in Washington D.C. The Hirschorn Museum had a small exhibition of his work, mostly earlier and smaller pieces. There was no crowd and I was the only one in the middle of the day walking the gallery space. The way it was mounted almost seemed an after thought as I recall. I was so compelled by the work it left an indelible mark on me that has lasted to this day. I've read a great many reviews of Bacon's work by American critics and nobody I've read to date on this side of the pond seems to comprehend his work. American critics seem completely clouded by Abstract Expressionism and the legacy of Warhol to understand where Francis Bacon was coming from. Consequently, after reading countless assessments that seemed completely wrong to me I felt compelled to enter my own ideas into the mix.

Your comments on the piece are welcome and I hope it provides you with a deeper meaning and intrigue for Bacon's work.

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